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Pets at weddings, yes or no?

If you’ve got a furry friend or two then you already know how important they are to you and how special to could be to have them be part of your wedding day… But you’re probably questioning if its practical so here are a couple things to consider before you order them that cute little bow tie or flower crown!

1: Is your venue pet friendly?

Some venues will be more pet friendly than others, you should ALWAYS check with your venue what their pet policy is. If you haven’t booked yours yet then this is a key questions to ask during your initial viewings so you’re not left disappointed if the answer is no. Outdoor venues are more likely to permit your pets to join in the festivities so look out for these.

2: Will they be happy to sit still for extended periods of time?

You know your pet better than anyone so only you can decide if your pet will be willing to comply to a sitting still throughout your ceremony and photographs. You don’t want them to cause too many distractions whilst your trying to say your all important I Do’s.

3: How involved should they be?

Again this is something that depends on your pet, if you’re planning to have them act as bridesmaids or ring bearers make sure this is something you have practiced in advance, an off leash dog running away with your wedding rings isn’t on the schedule!

4: Who will look after them?

Being the key carer for your pet on your wedding day isn’t ideal, you want to be free to enjoy your day without the added responsibility. We recommend having a designated person who is in charge of your pet and can help calm them or remove them if it gets too much! Also consider when its times your pet left the party to humans. Having someone who can take your pet home from the venue and look after them for you is a great way to have your pet there for the important parts only.

5: Consider ways to include your pet without having them at the wedding itself.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out but this doesn’t mean your pet can’t be involved. A fun way to add your pet into your wedding is to have their adorable faces appear on items such as your invitations or as figurines on top of your wedding cake! You could even use your favourite photos of them to replace table numbers or if your looking for something more discreet you would wear a piece of jewellery with a paw or their initials on.

There are lots of decisions to be made when involving your pets but first and foremost you should always keep in mind what would make them happiest, and lastly, if you do decide your can’t get married without your pet by your side then don’t forget to provide them with water, treats and catering too! Also stay realistic about what your pet can do and don’t be upset if it doesn’t go perfectly some of the best weddings stories start this way!

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