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This ones for the Eco Conscious Couples!

7 Tips towards a more sustainable and eco friendly wedding day.

1. Venue Sustainability -Venues which regularly host events and offer permanent infrastructure automatically help reduce your wedding impact to the environment. Why? Because you don’t have to have huge teams of suppliers bringing in things like marquees, power or water. Look for venues which already supply you with key elements like these!

2. Venue distance - consider the amount of travel required by guests to get to your venue, the further away the more; cars, trains and sometimes even planes = more carbon footprint generated from your wedding.

3. Use E-vites - cut down on the amount of paper your wedding is generating because lets face it most of it will end up in the bin. Electronic invites are not only friendlier to the environment but they can also be more accessible and handy to guests + if you go down the bespoke wedding website route you can update them with important information as you get further along with your wedding planning.

4. Cake - Double your cake as dessert because honestly this is one of THE BIGGEST items of waste at a wedding. Its regularly served too late in

the day after people have been fed already so why not use it as dessert. Cut it before dinner so it can be chopped up and served as your sweet! (Extra tip - Brownie cakes are a great choice if you’re doing this!)

5. Use potted flowers and trees - this one isn’t just sustainable but its also on trend! Using seasonal potted plants and trees for your weddings decoration and centrepieces will drastically decrease your waste because unlike cut flowers they can be replanted and reused for years to come! They can also act as a pretty reminder of your wedding day when they flower in your own back garden year after year.

6. Chose your Caterers Carefully and Mindfully - caterers are usually the second biggest aspect to a wedding next to the venue. So if a venue gives you freedom of choice then use its wisely. Our top 2 tips for finding eco friendly caterers is to look for one who’s both local and uses local produce and secondly one that already does or will accept the request to uses as little disposable dinnerware as possible or if this isn’t avoidable use recyclable, reusable or compostable instead


7. Avoid one-use items - its can be easy to get carried away with wedding decor especially if you’re doing a DIY wedding but be aware that you can’t keep all 12 of those table centrepieces after the wedding even though you will probably want to! Where possible try and hire in these types of items from local suppliers, this tip can sometimes help with your decor budget too!

These 7 tips are just a small suggestion on how you can improve your weddings impact on the world, each of these steps can be taken even further and there are hundreds of eco tips outs there but these ones are a simple easy place to start!

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