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For brides on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress...

The attire worn by the bride on their big day will have had no stone left unturned. Each and every aspect meticulous perfected, flawlessly sculptured to fit like a glove and embellished from fingertip to train, destined to look every inch the beautiful bride.

Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be! Here are our 3 top tips for finding the bridal gown you’ve always dreamt off!


Trust us, you might have strong image of the exact dress you’re looking for but sometimes this can keep you from finding the dress thats meant to be yours.

Having a list of must-haves and must-nots will help direct you towards dresses you know you would like, we’re talking; shapes, sleeves, colour, the basics, this will save you time from trying on total no goes but don’t stay solidly in the box.

Add a little sparkle here and a bit of embellishment there and you might find yourself in something that suits not only your body type but also your personality!


Don’t take everyone and their cat to along to your bridal appointments. Too many opinions can cloud your own judgement. We would recommend you take 1/2 people with you only and be sure these are people who support your vision and can act as cheerleaders!

Remember this isn’t about what they like, its about what you LOVE.


Wedding budgets can quickly increase when faced with incredibly sparkly and pristine bridal gowns, so shop smart. Set your maximum budget BEFORE heading into a bridal shop and start your appointment by telling the shop assistant what this is.

This way they can be sure you don’t tempt yourself to try on dresses which would blow the budget or cause disappointment when you can’t say yes to them. NEVER try on a dress you can’t afford.

So ladies, those are our top 3 tips, but more importantly just remember its not what the dress looks like that really matters, its how you wear it.

Wear it with a smile, with confidence and with joy.

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